What you can do to spend a fun time at the airport

You arrive at the airport or have direct flights and you have to wait a few hours. This time what you can do to make it more pleasant and efficient Did you ever think about? You will have some suggestions.

1- Books, newspapers, magazines

The classic way to spend time Although a book from the many times we forget to take with us hurry. First, do not forget to put the book when preparing your luggage. Put your hand luggage if possible book. You can handle it as well as daily newspapers and magazines. Even reading the local newspapers in other countries and other cities come to me very enjoyable.

2-Watch Movie

If long-term ends and the movie is longer than the wait time at the airport, you can even watch 2-3 movies. The charge status of your computer you need to pay attention here. Always fill your battery power before a journey. We can take some airports shortage p. If you have such a problem in a side to sit down for a drink in a cafe in the airport on the one hand, you can watch movies on your computer by plugging the charger.

3- Techno cleaning

Thing I dislike the most. How do we do that our house operations such as delete sweep to clean our car, telephone and cleaning also need to do the same for our computer. I call it techno cleaning. Mail cleaning, Delete unnecessary images and video, whats up cleaning of the group, etc. These things really time-consuming. You can also take care of the cleaning business when it is in standby at the airport.

4- Play

Game enthusiasts via smartphones in hand of course very easy to be able to spend time playing the game. However, note that the games would consume quickly charge your phone. Quit taking a spare charger adapter that allows PowerBank if possible journey. These devices are sold in grocery technology at affordable prices around £ 30-40.

5- Watch Aircraft

My thing is my favorite airports. If possible, I can not miss the opportunity to watch takeoffs and landings of aircraft if there is a high area. My passion for travel across this landscape is growing once again.

6- Shopping lovers do not miss the opportunity!

Even some of the shopping centers near airports where the restaurant is going places. You can go to the bolsa time here. Tallinn Fly near Istanbul Ataturk Airport and two shopping centers, such as for example Aqua Florya. The near Sabiha Gokcen Viaport can visit the shopping center.

7- Make your work

If you have a computer with you to finish what you say your unfinished business. So travel to some of the work you have to do in return is easier. And its a good time to watch Porno too.

8- Indirect flight navigate the city if you have time in

Sometimes indirect flights can be switched between a period of 5-6 hours. At that time, taking into account the traffic situation in the city you can take a mini trip. It’s also a good idea to make your advance preparation.

9- Plan your review

Yourself monthly, yearly plans If you made a great couple of hours you work to revise your plan. If I would recommend that you also make a plan. Again, you can keep little notes about what you have to travel in this process.

10- Free shop rides

The most enjoyable part of airports also free from shop to shop cheaply. You can buy many products under the brand market price can be made tax-free shopping. In particular, perfume, watches, expensive products such as alcoholic beverages, you have the possibility to find a much more affordable price.

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