Life Management

Life Management should be controlled by us. Emotions that are difficult to describe verbally joy, joy, joy, anger, worry, fear, etc. covers life as known name.

Motivation is required to manage the emotions consciously. Man’s need to make its own internal motivation. Self-confidence, honest relationships, communication and stress management intent from taking control of learning is very önemlidir.duygu is not their suppression. Suppressed emotions can cause discomfort showed up one day in a way, even worse orientation towards psychological problems. Because emotions are under control of their experience and learning process, recognize and manage their emotions can not be human, with actual performance level that does not exhibit the feelings of failure and psychological disorders can occur as a result of çıkar.ins for himself. Often people on the one hand insufficient self-confidence, while the likes, the difference between the desire to confess himself, can cause poor performance demonstrated. Here people to express, as it is not a good day everything went wrong or tries to prepare an excuse for possible failure. In other words people can direct their feelings surrounding the people and events. Feelings of human joy, or anger at the level of response to the concerns are not at the stage to prevent the performance.

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