How to schedule?

Body and to use time efficiently, both very important for our mental health. So, how to schedule?

“There is so much work you want to do or need to do … And so little time …” In today’s rapidly evolving circumstances brought this situation often feel it thoroughly. Therefore, it was considered a routine and unplanned Agenda life. I had difficulties in the time step for accurate assessment, we want to prepare a guide. We are sure, after reading this article and you will relax your mind after you apply here as well by, you’ll be well motivated yourself!

Don’t leave today’s work to tomorrow

Our Actions “What we want to do” and “what we need to do,” There are two types. And this is a fact; For all the time, what we have to do is become what we postpone. Today’s job to leave tomorrow, defer, delay, linger; All these are the biggest obstacles when balancing and planning. At the same time complexity as your mind works has not been finalized, will also create pollution. This is also why do so or not, we need to do to take care of these things would be a good time for the accurate assessment of your time.

Peace given time to handle jobs

At the end of the day, think about how you handle the jobs you want to do and do it. How you will feel better. I just mentioned the contrary, created by the mind of complexity unterminated jobs; so empty, we’re talking about a relaxed mind. Thus, this immaculate mind and easier to plan our next job, we can get more done in an orderly manner. You’ll understand; you snooze you a job, it is important enough to affect your other business go wrong.

The first step: balance in order of importance

Do we work we need to consider when planning a subject ‘is balance. This balance also needs to take into consideration when planning the 7 key areas of our daily lives:
The Work
Social life
Exercise and physical activity
Relax and sleep

Each of these 7 areas is very important to balance our lives. Here we need to do, how much time to plan in terms of importance that we need to allocate for each field. There are only 24 hours in a day. And we spent 24 hours 14 hours of work, has not left very little time for all the other things we need to do. In this situation you can imagine the mind and gives a lot more damage to our health and well being. Therefore take pen paper, in order of importance; but we encourage you to start as soon as your hand in a healthy balanced plan!

Second step: where to start managing time?

Stability: Do not forget the time we are talking about just compensation is the first rule of directors.
Determine Priorities for you to determine what is important, is an important step you can take to manage in terms of time.
Make a note in your calendar: Writing notes; When an important part of the planning. Everything you need to do to take notes on your calendar will allow you to miss capturing anything and, as to avoid confusion, it will make it easier for you to plan well.
Short, medium and long-term goals: to dedicate to these three categories of your goals is important. Rush your business not bring long-term, short-term priority to your business; make a schedule so it will be quite healthy.
Know your limits: “No” to know how to say. That is a job given to you-if you have the time to do so or- tell your right now … can not give importance to your use of the time limit.
Simplification of Bruno Munari I remember a beautiful saying: “Progress is possible to simplify, not by obscurity.” Your lifestyle, your home, your habits, your responsibilities, your environment; Simplify your life a little short. You can read our tips for this.
Keep an eye on time: Our business We realize how fast we go by the time you go there. Therefore, be aware of your eye in terms of running time and to dominate the last time to get the absolute time.
Take a break: Time planning according to your business must give in and call yourself short! This breaks is especially important for our mental health. You can call a friend you have neglected for a long time alone in your business or you can take a short walk on your own. Be sure to read our article, take time for yourself!
Take the time to think: Think of things you got that day before going to bed every night and feel the relief you need it. This relieves you think like that, it will motivate the next day.
Tomorrow is another day: Things did not go as planned and you can not get a job you need to take care of today. Remind yourself of the spin on this issue and to yourself that tomorrow is a new day. Place this business you plan your next day, take your mind these troubles.

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