How to plan your family budget?

To edit your income family budget necessarily requires a lot less or get a plan and layout. First surprise it must be noted that unplanned and unscheduled every spending your income and expenditure balance made. Get as high as you want, or pay a lot of money, if you do not be surprised your budget wheel gambit. Examples of how I would do a budget of a family with a household income below $ 2,000 for it. Your income is $ 4,000, you can multiply by two for all the expenses.

Rent or mortgage loan must establish how much of our budget

Your lease payment should be about 30% of the budget. If you are paying mortgage loan installment payment may exceed this amount a little more, but be careful not exceed 50% of your income, otherwise you will suffer for it in the coming months. This rate is about 60 percent of household income in the regulations already. If you pay your rent lease must be in the range of £ 600-700. In the housing loan installment can take this figure up to $ 900-1000.

Rent: $ 600
Kitchen spending: $ 250
Transportation: $ 100
Invoices: $ 250
Education: $ 100
Clothing: $ 100
Personal expenses: $ 100
Festivals and holidays: $ 200
Health: $ 50 (per month may not be required)

If you create a list of charges, according to the table above, if you live in a rent every month to make savings of $ 250 will be possible. In this case do not have to make savings because you already bought the house you can remove the housing loan up to $ 900 if you pay your rent expense as I mentioned above.

Sign accumulation

Let’s say your monthly income of £ 3,000 more expensive then you can sit at home £ 100-200 but maybe you can save money by better overcome other amounts as possible. £ 2, £ 3, for years if you accumulate you do not mind spending $ 5 after saying you will have a serious savings.

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