What Is Family Planning?

Family planning, whenever they want, is all of the services provided to families for having a number of children they want.

Does not mean limiting the number of people in family planning family. Purpose is the formation of pregnancy the mother and unborn children to be healthy and to have children when prompted. Because births at least two years, the range of the mother’s body does not significantly impair health, increases risks during pregnancy, births in succession without a break even lead to maternal death. Also frequent intervals in the development of children born in the womb, but not full (low birth weight babies), disability rates rise, maintenance is difficult and infant mortality are increasing.

When all this is taken into account for the purpose of family planning can be listed as follows;
* Individuals and families, to educate them about reproductive health
* Mother to prevent death and to protect the health
* Babies born to ensure the health and survival
* To avoid high-risk pregnancies
* To prevent unwanted pregnancy
* Provide medical assistance to those who want to have children
* To educate individuals about family planning methods.
Family planning services in Turkey; Health centers with the Ministry of Health, maternal and child health and family planning centers and hospitals besides hospitals, universities and other public institutions are given in hospitals and private health centers. Public institutions, are distributed free condoms and birth control pills, intrauterine device (IUD) is applied at a free or very low-cost.

You can have good family system, and plan for your family, however you have some money problem. Therefore you should examine Financial Planning.

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