How meeting will be bad?

Dream a little bit true … Here is a example of bad meeting

When I got to the door of the start of the meeting place of business in the morning there were only five minutes. I was aware of the importance of the meeting.

I went to the stairs swiftly. I should not be late.

Playing with hair passing in front of Anne’s table saw stirring newspapers.

It was not important or meeting today?
I wonder if the president of marketing department that was to participate in this meeting? I asked myself this question before then to Anne.

Lifted his head out of the newspaper reads. “The coming together of the nation’s meeting takes at least 15 minutes,” he said. What incontinence correct word? I look around. No one was not a stressful state.

Tea drinkers, cigarette releases, speaking on the phone …
I still breaking discipline.

Meeting that no one not yet sat down to go into the room. People playing with my mobile phone began to disconnect after ten minutes.
Declared that the time had passed for 15 minutes and almost everyone had arrived. I say almost because there was no general manager around.

The combination of a 15 minutes later he sat on the chair to come. Why he made a statement that late. Traffic was horrible. If it was different than usual this morning.

Some “yeah, Istanbul traffic was unbearable to better than good” so had a few sentences. He said something about one of the subway system in Germany. A little “talk talk exceeds” status occurred. Although 40 minutes past the meeting time was still not been started.

General manager of the sub-word. Talking about new marketing strategies door slowly clicked, the waiter came. Everyone was asked what drinks individually. Took note of the answers. Meanwhile it was also changing ideas naturally. After saying those who want tea and coffee as before. About a 5-
This ceremony lasted 10 minutes. A bit later, re-enter and waiter service would do.

General manager continued to talk again. Ali, describing how obsolete the old marketing strategy that remains receive mention, Ahmed “And yes.
I’ll tell you an anecdote as one of the company’s oldest member, “he said. Anecdotes he tells interest have collected, the general manager also told us a moment. Meeting badly scattered, moreover, even the general manager needs to recover this situation work was fallen deer.

Was more like a half an hour late. Despite the fact that the meeting should begin at ten o’clock in the nine still had not started.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that certain of whom hold meeting. Everyone is so prate of work, nobody wanted to take such a responsibility. It took 10-15 minutes to determine that person.
Anyway … once again the words of general manager received.

Concentration was distributed in the meantime, of course.
Some people listened, as did some would listen.
It is a time that move the meeting continued as monologue was Aisha. I tried to explain observations and thoughts on the need to be aware of when creating a strategy in shopping centers.
Sibel said cut. His observations did not match that of Ayşe’nin ever. The recommendation in this case was wrong.

If I was not working at this company, it could be interpreted as opposing views in a democratic air occurs at the meeting. But Beth and how they are competing with each other Sibel, even I knew that they had also spread to the head of this department. Although the concept of the enemies were a little overdone. Other land must also say that one chord. Bickering at each meeting was to dedicate the case anymore. A portion of the stretch of the people listening to them. Some people play the smart phone. A portion was placed in conversation as in the publication.
What was discussed at the meeting that day, what decisions were, I do not swear much better.

But it was the following: We have lost a serious time.
Our meeting lasted about five hours last for two hours. We’re bored, broke our concentration, we can not be productive. The event was totally unrelated to the topic, we take the time about two hours. We can not see the forest for the trees. We are tired of listening to people’s personal frictions.
Now I’m working on in different places so far.
Enter’ve probably around 500 meeting.
Between those who have a lot planned and programmed, though unfortunately not fixed this and much culture in general meeting as well.

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